Writing An Argumentative Essay – Dissertation Writing

The name argumentative essay itself indicates that this kind of an essay presents an argument. The goal of any argument is to convince the listener or the reader to accept your point of view. This is done by presenting facts, figures, statistics or proof to establish your opinion. Similarly, in an argumentative essay, we need […]

Writing an APA Style Essay

Dissertation Writing research papers or dissertations in subjects such as social sciences and arts. Writing an APA style essay refers to writing it and formatting it according to the APA norms and guidelines. This kind of style is used for writing term papers, case studies, literature reviews and research reports. When you format your essay […]

Writing A Reflective Essay

Word reflection means coming back of an object or entity. Yet the word reflective is attributed to any thing that has a capability of returning any thing. Our thoughts, memories and reminiscences of past events or incidents are entities that we try to collect at present, by writing about them. Reflective essay is a collection […]

Writing a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing is also called as argumentative writing and it tries to persuade the readers to agree strongly to one side of an issue or idea. This type of essay combines the usage of strong logic and reasoning with facts in support of the idea so that it does not totally sound like an argument. […]