Writing A Reflective Essay


Word reflection means coming back of an object or entity.

Yet the word reflective is attributed to any thing that has a capability of returning any thing. Our thoughts, memories and reminiscences of past events or incidents are entities that we try to collect at present, by writing about them. Reflective essay is a collection or composition of past events or incidents or memories, in a typical essay format: having introduction of the event, details and an ending or a conclusion. In academic life, students are asked to write many reflective essays, and that is why, one should learn to write them properly. However you can also take help of an online essay writing service in this regard, but if you are willing to write, here are some details.

Reflective essays that students are usually asked to write are based upon collection of their learning and opinions of any past event. In these essays, a student analyzes the event happened and tries to extract a moral or positive summary from it. Moreover, students are sometimes asked to write about any thing good or bad, they felt with an incident happened personally to them. Academia considers this as one of the best ways to explore students and their personalities. As if a student is not able to extract anything out of an event happened to him or her; academia feels there is a problem with that student.

Format of a reflective essay is very much similar to normal essays; containing an introduction about an event or object, body paragraphs containing descriptions and finally a conclusion or an extract depicting writer’s opinion and suggestions.

For instance, if you are asked to write an essay on «Your Last Experiment in University’s Lab»; you will certainly begin with an introduction of what you were going to do in your last experiment. Moving further, your body paragraphs should reflect details of your experiment along with the environment i. e. your laboratory and the following paragraphs of body section should be dedicated to complete description of what exactly happened and how it happened. Length of your reflective essay entirely depends upon your power of observation and the type of experiment you were in. Finally, move to the conclusion section with a rationale of your experiment along with your suggestion, written in a compact form.

Here are some key points you need to keep in your mind when writing such an essay:

  • Your essay should be concise and to-the-point.
  • No philosophical arguments and illogical statements should be added; it’s a pure narrative essay.
  • Make an outline of the events happened and try to put them accordingly.
  • There should be clear and smooth shift from one section to another in the body part.
  • Look for grammatical and logical errors by editing your essay, after writing it. At this step, you can also take support from professional essay editing services.

Following the above mentioned rules and information, you can just create a wonderful and outstanding reflective essay. Do remember to proofread your essay after writing it. If you need professional assistance in that matter, you can consider a very efficient, online proofreading service in this regard. For further information about writing essays, you can always take guidelines from an excellent writing service online.

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