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The name argumentative essay itself indicates that this kind of an essay presents an argument.

The goal of any argument is to convince the listener or the reader to accept your point of view. This is done by presenting facts, figures, statistics or proof to establish your opinion. Similarly, in an argumentative essay, we need to present particulars and details that support our point of view.

Just like any other form of essay writing, this kind of an essay has the structure of an introduction, body and conclusion. Begin with a thesis statement explaining the topics of argument in the essay and a brief summary of your logic behind supporting one part of the controversial topic.

For instance, you could be writing an essay supporting the science of astrology and arguing against the belief that it is superstition; then your thesis statement could be Astrology as a science has existed since time immemorial, and hundreds of research papers over the decades have proven times and again that there is rationale behind astrology. It is not merely superstitious belief, but is a science that studies the movements of planets and their positions. Let’s look at these facts in more detail.

Now, move on to the body of the essay to elaborate on your argument.

Present specific information related to your statement and why you think that one part of the argument is stronger than the other. Describe the pros and cons of both sides of the argument and add solid facts to prove your point. Remember, in an argumentative essay, there is no scope for emotional thinking or language. Anticipate questions and present the answers much in advance. Back up your statements with substantial evidence and logical reasoning. Provide reasonable comparisons between the two parts of the argument and state the reasons of one point being stronger than the other with examples, data and information.

Finally, by the time you reach your concluding paragraph of the essay, the reader should have been able to form a fairly good idea of which side of the argument you are on. Remember that in future, when you write huge dissertations or term papers, your compelling and persuasive writing skills are going to come in very handy. В Writing an argumentative essay could therefore be a first step for you in that direction too. Practice and develop your writing by choosing different topics. You will find many essays samples on our website.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to do enough research and gather ample evidence to support your argument. You can even go a step further and cite the sources from where you gathered this data. Think of it like an argument between two people. The person who has the maximum number of facts and figures to support his point of view gets the most number of votes and ultimately wins the argument. Unlike other essays, an argumentative essay needs to be packed with information and statistics and will not win the hearts or attention of the reader if it is crammed with flowery language without substance.

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